Leadership Coaching
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Leadership Coaching Workshops

Our on-site corporate leadership coaching and training can assist you in the following areas:

NOTE: Workshop size = 3 people Minimum

• Emotional Intelligence
• Assertiveness
• Conflict Management
• Influencing Skills • Listening Skills
• Non-verbal Communication
• Time Management
• Interview Skills
• Voice & Speech
• Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
• Controlling Nerves
• Business Language and Writing
• Persuasive Language & Influencing Skills
• Telephone Skills
• Customer Service Experience
• Stress Management
• Mindfulness
• Goal Setting
• Creating your authentic brand

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We explore the communication style of the coachee and the people they interact with on a daily basis. We look at the impact of passive, passive aggressive and aggressive communication in the workplace and how best to deal with these types of behavior. Finally we assist in developing an assertive communication style whereby the coachee can express their thoughts and wants in an open and honest manner whilst still respecting the rights of the others.

Listening Skills

Listening attentively, understanding what has been said, and responding appropriately reduces conflict and encourages problem solving. This is critical to forming strong working relationships and developing an environment conducive to productivity. We explore what good listening habits involve and how to build rapport.

Managing Conflict

Conflict is an everyday occurrence. In order to resolve conflict constructively and respectfully, we explore how to define the conflict and confront it, brainstorming alternative solutions. We explore advantages and disadvantages of possible solutions and discuss how to agree on the most workable solutions for their environment.

Non-Verbal Communication

The largest part of our communication and message is conveyed not by the words we speak, but by the non-verbal signals we send out. We explore how to interpret signs and signals sent by others, as well as evaluating our own body language.

Building Empathy

“People don’t care what you know, till they know how much you care”.
Dale Carnegie made a statement in one of his books that has resonated with me ever since I read it. He said: “You can make more friends in two months by showing interest in others, than you can in two years by trying to get others interested in you.”

Persuasive language and influencing skills

Use the power of words to your advantage. Persuasive and diplomatic expression will be addressed to assist in manipulating language to suit the situation. We look at the use of Emotion words and Power words. We examine your ability to influence appropriately.