Coaching Definition

What exactly is coaching (and what it isn't)

Coaching is a partnership between coach and coachee, in which techniques and exercises are used to facilitate the process of self-discovery.
It enables the you as the coachee to clarify and attain life goals, and make the necessary changes in order to reach your full potential.
Coaching is not Therapy, Counseling or Consulting. It is focused on future goals.
With the assistance of myself as the Coach, you as an individual will identify, prioritise, problem solve, and act on the choices you make.
Everything that you as a client achieves in my Coaching program will be dependent on the choices you make and the actions you take.
It is up to YOU to take action.

When should you consult a coach?

Coaching will work for you if:

You are stuck or need direction in either your personal life or your career.

You want to maximize your potential in some or all areas of your life.

 You are interested in developing leadership skills.

You need to achieve work/life balance. 

You would like to become more self-aware, enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills.

You want speak with confidence in public.

What kind of outcomes you can expect?

Coaching will work for you if you want to:

Break down limiting beliefs and develop empowering habits.

Achieve mindfulness and minimise stress.

Challenge yourself to grow.

Achieve better work/life balance.

Create positive changes across all areas of your life.

Improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

Unlock potential.

Coaching methodology

Through individual personalised coaching sessions, the process of positive changes are realised. These coaching techniques assist people to formulate clear and achievable goals, and apply the necessary steps to realize these goals. The Coaching Model FUEL assists in the process of self-discovery and development:
 • Frame • Understand • Explore • Lay

Frame the conversation – agree on the purpose and desired outcomes.

Are We a Good Fit?

Find out with a 20 minute Complimentary Discovery Skype Session
Life coaches all have different areas of expertise and coaching styles, so the Discovery Session is an ideal way for us to connect and see if we are a good fit.

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